New Westminster Residency Blog

A collection of thoughts and photos to document the process of working as an artist in residence for the city of New Wesminster's solid waste and recycling program.

The Project

digitalcollag3 print.png

During this residency, I will be exploring text from recycled objects as a medium for a hybrid of sculpture and poetry. After cutting text from litter, throw-away packaging, and recyclable materials, it will be used experimentally in collage, sculpture, video, and printmaking in an exploration of how a word’s original meaning can be changed by its context, color, shape and form. Because this resource of recycled materials comes directly from the residents of New Westminster, I am excited to create artwork that the public can interact with to create a larger community dialog about art, resources, and consumer culture.

This project is a continuation of my work in Vancouver from the past few years, which can be seen in the "Vancouver Paper Co" section of my website. I have been collecting found-notes from my daily journeys around the city, and collaging them to make new sentences and absurdist poetry.  These notes are a fascinating glimpse into other people's daily lives. They have inspired me to create work about the chaotic social nature of living in a city, and about how the unique individual daily lives of people all add up to larger, unifying patterns in our culture.

Molly Marineau